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There is a new initiative coming to Western called “Textbooks for Charity”! Essentially we will be collecting textbooks that students no longer use as donations. We will then resell these textbooks that are still in use to students at a very low cost that is discounted compared to the bookstore. All the proceeds will go towards the designated charities. Textbooks that are not sold will be donated to education programs in Africa.

How to Donate: We Need Your Help!!!

Textbook donations will be collected through the months of March and April. There will be a many ways to get your donation to us.

1) You can drop off your textbooks off at the Biz Inc. (UCC 258) location in the UCC over the next two months

2) Meet a member of our team on campus

3) Email your contact info and amount of textbooks to Chris or Patrick and we can drive by and pick them up from your house